Klett My favourite pad: I´m not bored

Preschool, 3 years +, I don´t need any help!


Format: 17,2 x 20,0 cm, 96 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-12-949785-2

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This pad “Preschool activity pad” encourages:

  • Fine motor skills: Security using a pen or pencil
  • Logical thinking: Recognising connections and encouraging logical thinking
  • Concentration: Encouraging concentration and attention to detail

The Klett principle: Developed and tested with preschool teachers.

  • Motivation: The popular educational puzzles encourage your child and guarantee success.
  • Independence: Your child can understand and solve each puzzle by themselves without needing any instructions.
  • Security: Repetition of a puzzle gives your child security and confidence. The coloured borders make it easy to find puzzles that are the same.
Ausführlichkeit: Kurz und knapp
Fertigkeit: Kernkompetenz, Konzentration
Medium: Block
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